Saturday, November 20, 2010

Follies and Foibles*

I find myself sitting at the computer, lo this Saturday evening, downloading a CD by which I can restore my PC.

"Why is this?" you undoubtedly find yourself asking.  "You're the king of all computers, the emperor of electronics, the sultan on silicon."

Thank you.  Really, you're too kind.  Unfortunately, even at my exalted station can one fall victim to the simplest of mistakes.  Haste, it is said, makes waste.  It also makes for accidentally deleting restore partitions before you've had a chance to create backup DVDs.  If that rhymed it would be an equally popular saying.

So here's a Public Service Announcement (not from your favorite DJ Three Dog**, but from me, Nathan): make sure you have backups created before you do stupid things.  Or before you do smart things.  In fact, quit reading this, make a backup, and come back.



Good.  Don't you feel better.  I know I do.

Now my burn is completed and the real work begins.  Off to the races, boys and girls.

*I'm not 100% sure what that word means.
**You're welcome, Fallout 3 nerds.


Josie G. said...

I lost the first thirteen chapters of a book that I was writing in middle school because I didn't make a back up disk and my poor floppy broke beyond repair. (How do you repair those things anyway?) So, now I save my creative work in several different places so that it is not ever completely lost unless I decide it should be.

Nathan said...

I find that most of my creative work is better off lost, so I frequently "accidentally" erase my current writing folder. I'm seriously expecting an award for this act of self-sacrifice. You're welcome, World.